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  1. wow, just successfully picked up $36,000 they sent me . it worked , just came out from the wu store few mins ago with the cash

  2. I took out a loan and could not return it. The bank took my housing from me and requires another 40,000 euros. You could help me. Thank

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  7. Do you do transfers on weekends?

  8. Thanks so much for your service sir. , my dad is feeling okay now, i really dont know how my family would have been able to pay the hospital bill without your help. Am going to tell the world about your service

  9. If you need help, you can mail them and explain to them and buy the software from them. I will forever be indebted to them for this great help. Have made allot of money with their western union software.

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  12. Yeah I got my 8k payment without daily

  13. Can get western Union Transfer to Canada? My BTC is ready

  14. I just picked up the western union transfer you sent thanks so much .
    How often can I do this ?

  15. I received my transfer to United States after 20 minutes of waiting, good job

  16. do i need to have an account or do i just go pickup in store?

  17. I’m so glad to see my account credited in short notice, you’re such a rear gem

  18. Withdrawals successful. Thank you admin

  19. They are the best hacker on the internet right now, I got allot of transfers through western union and moneygram using many names of my friends. I’m happy to know about you guys

  20. Hi, how do I know this is legit, because I want to start with the plan of $15,000 and how do I proceed ??


  22. so cool bro working with you, i got my money

  23. I made 27,000$ from here yesterday.. they’re real

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  25. Doing my first western union hack later on today I am very excitied

  26. WU to Greece?

  27. They gave me a Western Union transaction details 20mins ago, and I’m glad to let you all know I’ve been able to receive the cash few mins ago..

    1. Hey I need to connect with you

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  31. Hi I need Western union transfer please and also a card with pin to withdraw at atm

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  33. I’m interested in buying the western union software. I need it today

    1. Feel Free to contact us

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    i will forever be grateful to you guys

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    I’m also interested in the doing western union transfer. What’s the procedure sir.

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