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Hello all buyer

I’m a professional Hacker and i have for all goods And services. I do western union And moneyGram Transfer To any country in Just 10mins. We have the Latest Western Union Money Adder Software to carry out this Transactions without Delay.

WesternUnion Transfer Service :

  • We Have big Western Union Service for everywhere and every when for you.
  • We transfer money to all country in world.
  • We can transfer big amount. And you can receive this money from your country.
  • For large transfer . We make is very safe. And this service is very fast.
  • We make transfer to your Western Union info very fast and without delay and immediate.
  • We do the transfer with our Latest western Union Software
  • Contact us with the details below


1 : Recipients First Name And Last Name
2 : Recipients Address ( Country, City )
3 : Recipients Zip Code.

Western Union transfer ( $ / £ / € )

  • Price 200 = 2000 MTCN Minimum
  • Price 300 = 3000 MTCN
  • Price 400 = 4500 MTCN
  • Price 500 = 6000 MTCN
  • Price 600 = 8.000 MTCN
  • Price 800 = 10.000 MTCN
  • Price 1.000 = 15.000 MTCN
  • Price 1.500 = 20.000 MTCN
  • Price 2.000 = 30.000 MTCN maximum
  • You make payment then send me payment info and your WU info ( First name + Last name + Zip Code + Country )
  • If I check you have sent money I will make transfers for you
  • After transfers completed, about 10 minutes you will get MTCN – Sender’s Name – Sender’s Country and you can go to the office Western Union and pick up, it is very easy and safety for
    cash money.

Information You will get after your transfer

  • MTCN
  • Sender’s First Name
  • Sender’s Last Name
  • Sender’s City
  • Sender’s Country



Contact us with the details below

Email : cyberhack.wu@gmail.com
ICQ : 743736806
Skype: cyberhack.wu@gmail.com


Western Union Method 2023


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  1. my sister was able to pick up the $38,000.00 cash you sent to her safely. Thanks man

  2. Still can’t believe i have $45k in my account right now.. you guys are so amazing

  3. Sir, I was freaking out when I went to pick the $24,000 lol. The lady looked at me because I have never picked such a huge sum from her store before. I have the $24,000 now sir! Thanks alot.

  4. This is real, i just gave it a try today and i got $27,500 western union Transfer in 10mins. I will be back tomorrow for more Transfer

  5. Hello ! My workmate told me about you guys . I want transfer sent to UK.
    the offer 2000 fer 30,000 ok ? How can I oder ? Thankyou!!

  6. I got 15k flip today. Best service ever.

  7. I never believed this, but after my first transaction with him, they have given me a gurantee to keep on working with their services. I will introduce all my friends to your website.

  8. Hi, I am from Canada, I want a wu transfer of $70,000 to invest in my new business, how do I make transfer fee payment ?

  9. Nice Job Cyberhack. thought my money was gone, but i was wrong.. thanks for proving to me that you guys are the best. $26,000 you guys are good. may God bless you.

  10. At first when I saw the post of this I thought its a scam, cause have been scammed 3 times by all this fake hackers, but I made up my mind to test him. I was very surprise when he get my job done within 10mins, I’m very happy to come across him, this comment is posted for those who believe and ready to stay away from fake hackers.. Get in touch with him, he’s the best so far. Good luck?

  11. My sister did this and it worked for him, few minutes later she called me and told me about it i didnt believe it , but when i saw the cash she received without doubt i tried it and i received $13,000, keep saving the poor man. i will come back for more deal

  12. My friend Vera contacted you guys yesterday and received her transfer within 30mins, please how do I get started ,I just sent you a mail now. I need $8,000 transfer today

  13. Thanks for coming through hacker, i’m very grateful to you, i’ll be looking forward to do more business with you

  14. Just received a control number right now I was able to sort out all my bills through your help sir. Be back for more job

  15. Thanks So much I gat $9500 wu transfer flip they did the best BIG THUMB UP FOR THIS FAST SERVICE

  16. It was a clean deal, they got me emergency funds after i texted them for instant money flip of $10,000

  17. cant complain much..took more than 20 minutes, but finally the MTCN came and it was valid.

  18. I just got my second western union transfer 11000 bucks from here. thank you for this opportunity

  19. Hello Sir. I’m so happy to be among those testifying about your good work,I just finished withdrawing the western union transfer you sent to me. It’s really amazing doing business with you.

  20. Good Day

    Sorry this is coming later, I had to go back to work after I picked up the cash $20,000. The money hack worked. Thank you mr hacker . I’m grateful

  21. The funds you transferred is actually working and it’s real, wow this is stunning guys, you are so real

  22. Its cool and nice having deals with you.

  23. I have heard a lot about you guys positively , I Just lost my job and i need to set up a business and start up my life from there .I’m interested in western union transfer of $30,000 Please get back to me for serious business .

  24. I believe this is legit because a close friend of mine just cash out , How do I get started. I want to flip my $300 into $3,000 , details please ?

  25. Wow, it really worked I just got my $15,000 Western union transfe, thanks guys

  26. This is legit , I got $25,000 in less than 20 minutes .This service just saved my business from bankruptcy

  27. I picked up my money from western union few hours ago , it’s so real no doubt at all

  28. So legit. Thanks so much I just received my transaction this morning. You really the best and all this recommendation are true. I have confirmed it, thanks so much.

  29. I was able to get the 8k WU transfer right on time.

  30. I have checked the mtcn you sent me, and they are all available. Now I’m waiting for the store near me to open so that I pick up my transfers. Cheers

  31. I picked up my transfer of $16,00 already. cheers.

  32. Professional western union hackers. I will work with them again.

  33. I have money on hand 🙂 how do I pay u ? And how do I pick up the money ? I need 30k transfer

  34. They made hacked transfer to me through their western union hacks.I got mtcn for $24,000

  35. I just picked up the $12,000 that you sent to me. can i still do more transfer today?

  36. I just cashed out from this!! .I received MTCN of 15,0000usd

  37. Unbelievable.
    I got my funds successfully

  38. I and my family will forever thankful to you. 100% accurate

  39. He’s reliable and trustworthy. I got my MTCN

  40. wow thanks mush sir i really appreciate your hacker service..

  41. Wow….this is nice sir. Can i be doing this everyday? I want to do another transfer tomorrow

  42. He is a good guy ain’t scamming people. got my Transfer

    1. I got $15,000 from them also

  43. Biggest gratitude goes to you sir. Thank you for the fast western union transfer Flip

  44. Ready for my Second Transfer now. Admin rely your message please

  45. Can you do western union transfer to France?

  46. I wanna try it

  47. can you send me $8,000 for free please? i really need it

  48. Omg!! It still works I confirmed a transfer of $3,500 now.
    i will buy Another MTCN today.

  49. best hackers ever. I pick up the $10,000 you sent to me already.

  50. Hello sir, I was able to pick $3,500. I told you to send $3000 only, anyway thanks so much I’m very grateful to you. You’re a man of your words.

  51. Wow it’s cool hacker, you just sent me $3000 I can’t believe it’s real, thank you for making me smile again: I really appreciate it

  52. Got the $8,000 you sent to me already. Thank you so much Bro.

    Best Hacker ever

  53. This is lovely. I just cleared all my dept today. Thanks u sir cyberhack

  54. Can You help me $2,000 pls

  55. I make $40,0000 every week with western union transfer, Thanks for the great work cyberhack. And your price is affordable also

  56. I want to buy $8.000 MTCN today. Pls whats the procedure?

  57. I just Pick Up the $4500 you sent to me now. I will contact you for more deal tomorrow.

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